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All is order and beauty
Luxury, calm and voluptuousness
– Baudelaire

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Have you experienced real relaxation?

Situated in a lush garden near the Saigon River, LA MAISON DE CAMPAGNE is a six bedrooms villa furnished with luxury and comfort in mind. There is a relaxation center open to the river and a 13-meter long pool with a jacuzzi. The abundance of everything creates a place for total abandonment.

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Our raison d’être

Our raison d’etre is to offer you a stay with Meaningful rest. An hour’s drive away from the city is long enough to leave behind the nightmares of pollution and the noisy bustle of the city. One you arrive here you will melt in the calm of the countryside, in the chirping of the birds so high in the sky, in the first gentle rays of the sun so clear, in the captivating green perfumes of young leaves, the fresh water turquoise blue.

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Enjoy endless minutes of laziness by the pool

Spend time with the book that you were unable to enjoy at home. Awaken your bare the senses – a foot on the shaded trail of bamboos. You will suddenly rediscover the sweetness of life every minute of you stay.

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Authentic cuisine

In LA MAISON DE CAMPAGNE , you will enjoy our authentic cuisine of the Mekong Delta. The nearby country farms provide abundant fresh and tasty products for good health. We offer home food and selected wines true to the art of French gastronomy.

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Country side

Would you like to discover the culture and the history of the region?

We organize visits to the old town of Thu Dau Mot, the legendary Cu chi tunnels, and the Holy see of the cao Dai religion at Tay Ninh where the cathedral – temple presents a unique architectural experience.

Would you like to discover SLOW-TOURISM?
We offer bicycles to wander through the Chinese community in the nearby Lai Thieu enceinte. You can walk by the boats on the Saigon River. Close to nature, the simple landscape and authentic villagers will awaken creative inspiration and love of life.

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Discover – Tay Ninh







No 12, Dong Thi Thiem Street (189 Street), Binh My Ward
Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline: 0901343414 | Backup: 0918151746

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